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The Last Word is a multilingual copy shop that finds precisely the right words for telling the world what you want them to know. In Swedish or in English. And other languages. From press releases to speeches, web content and formal presentations—our job is in the wording. We work closely with clients serving the public good—enterprises, institutions and other non-profit organizations. Typically, we brainstorm with clients to find the right angle for their communications before moving to our keyboards. When required, we tap into our own network of writers and translators in Europe and America. Over the years, clients have ranged from Ericsson to Greenpeace. We are also a professional resource for advertising and PR agencies.

Word charms

Copywriting is serious business. It's a discipline unto itself, akin to art. It demands a natural aptitude for creative use of language and the ability to seize elusive flashes of inspiration, transforming them into just the right words for the job.

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Quality clients require quality text. And that's what we do. Nothing ever leaves our table before proper review by at least two professional copywriters. This may sound fussy. We don't think so. Quality copywriting calls for great care.

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Forever young: two decades on

In an ever-changing world, the challenge of effective communications remains the same: To carry the message home, no matter the medium. Founded in 1992, The Last Word brings a wealth of experience to bear—as you would expect.

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